R. Señor, danos sacerdotes santos.
V. Para que nos acompañen a la hora de nuestra muerte, y ofrezcan la Santa Misa por nosotros


jueves, 16 de agosto de 2018

Insigne y glorioso patriarca San Joaquín ruega por la santidad de nuestros hogares y el don de la perseverancia final

Abuelito San Joaquin te encomendamos a nuestros jóvenes y niños de nuestros hogares  católicos  para que puedan vencer todas las tentaciones de esta vida y obstáculos en el camino de santidad  con las que son atacados y salgan victoriosos en las diarias batallas que enfrentan, para que se conserven puros dando gloria a Dios con sus cuerpos , sus almas y sus mentes.  Amen

Prayer of Married Persons to St. Joachim and St. Anne

O models of pious and virtuous married persons, St. Joachim and St. Anne! Through the wondrous blessing with which God gladdened your hearts when He chose you as the parents of the ever blessed Virgin, the mother of our Saviour, obtain for us, we beseech you, the grace to desire nothing but virtue and piety; that, in fidelity and love, we may share each other's joys and sorrows, and together with our children lead such a life as to insure our entrance into the kingdom of heaven! Amen.
O Holy Joachim, husband of Anne, father of the Blessed Virgin, bestow on thy servants here help and salvation. Amen

(An indulgence of 300 days) 

A Father's Prayer to St. Joachim

Holy patrons of my children, St. Joachim, take an interest in me their father; pray for me that through your intercession I may receive the grace that I may by word and example exercise a salutary influence over my children, and that they, by imitating your virtues, may grow up good members of the Church and be received one day into your happy society. Amen.

A Prayer to Preserve the Children from Mortal Sin
O God, how many and how great are the temptations to sin for my children in this world! And it is not in my power to lead them safely through them. Thou must assist and protect, Thou must rescue and lead to victory. Come then to my aid, O Lord, in the power of Thy grace, that the monster of mortal sin may not approach my children. Thou knowest, O Lord, how much I love my children; but I would rather that Thou shouldst take them from me by death than that by sin they should suffer the death of their souls and become an object of abomination and wrath to Thee. Therefore I beseech Thee, Thou Father of my children, haste to take them out of this life rather than that they should suffer this misfortune, so that by losing them during this short life I may find them again in Thy house and possess them forever with Thee. Hear me, O Lord, hear me; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Hail Mary.

A Prayer for Purity in Children

O most holy God, who lovest purity and innocence, grant my children the precious gift of purity. Alas, if the vice of impurity should soil my children, how unhappy would they be for time and eternity. Lord, protect them; keep far from them this terrible misfortune! Without Thy special grace they cannot preserve holy purity. O Lord, grant them this grace! May their hearts be as a sanctuary undefiled by any impure thoughts and sentiments; may their eyes be modest, their ears and mouth closed to any impropriety in word or conversation; fill them with horror for everything contrary to purity, and let them, unblemished in body and soul, continue to be temples consecrated to the Holy Ghost.

O Lord, Thou lover of pure souls, let my children be numbered among Thy beloved ones; let that blessing which in time and eternity accompanies holy purity come to my children.

Immaculate Mother, thou model and intercessor of pure souls; St. Joseph, St. Aloysius, and all holy youths, virgins, and saintly children, help me by your intercession. Amen.


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